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The key to terms, definition of bills and notes on Legislators at bottom of table.

Grades are based on votes, public comments, and actions by Legislators.

HB - House Bill

S or SB - Senate Bill

Red Votes - Votes cast that were against animal welfare

S460 - Puppy Mill Bill in 2009

S626 - Dogs in Hot Cars in 2013

HB 574 - Possum Bill allowing the trapping of Opossums for the "possum drop".

S433 - AG GAG 2015

HB 405 AG GAG 2015

OVERRIDE VETO AG GAG 2015 - Vote to override the Veto of AG GAG by the Governor

HB 554 - Exotic Animal Ban 2015

Under "Party" heading - Red R's are for Republican, Blue D's are for Democrats

*Sen. Carl Ford served as Rep. in House 2013 - 2018

*Valerie P. Foushee was in House in 2012, took Ellie's Senate seat in 2013