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PUPPY MILLS: North Carolina's BIG dirty secret

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What is a Puppy Mill?

A puppy mill is a dog breeding business that puts profit over the welfare of the animals that are being bred.


North Carolina was featured in an expose on puppy mills in Rolling Stone Magazine in 2017. Click on the magazine to go to the Rolling Stone website and read the article.  

There ARE "good" breeders.  Breeders that don't have more dogs than they can take care of in a humane manner, giving them attention and love as well as food, water and shelter.  Allowing them time to exercise, lay in the sun, play.  BE DOGS.  Making sure the puppies go to good homes that will take care of them. 

Then there are the puppy mills.  Dogs spend their entire lives in crates, usually too small to be able to turn around. Hard surfaces or wire to sleep on.  Filthy food and water bowls.  Their paws never touch the ground, they never lie in the grass, some never see the sun.  They stand on wire bottomed cages that cause their feet to become malformed and hurt constantly.  No baths, no grooming.  Excrement collects even on the wire bottoms of cages and they sleep in it, eat on it, give birth to the puppies on top of excrement from cages above them, as well as their own.

They rarely see a veterinarian.  When a puppy mill has dozens to hundreds of female breeders and stud dogs, why waste the money?  Just kill the sick dog and keep on breeding.   They are blind, crippled, starved, tick or flea infested, infested with internal parasites.  There hair is so thick and matted that you can't tell what kind of an animal they are.  Or they have mange or other skin infections so that they don't have hair - just a red, itchy rash for which no relief can be found. Their nails are too long, split and painful. The females are bred every cycle so that some of them are literally bred to death.  When they can no longer produce puppies, if they are not lucky enough to have been rescued, they will probably be killed.  

There is no way to tell how many puppy mills are in each state.  Most aren't registered with anyone.  No one knows how many illegal puppy mills are out there.  "Backyard breeders" that hoard dozens of dogs in their basement, backyard shed, garage, or structures outside that don't provide enough protection for the animals from bad weather. They sell their dogs on Craig's list for a "rehoming fee", at flea markets, on street corners, grocery store parking lots, or out of their vehicles.


A breeding dog in a puppy mill can spend its entire life in the same cage with no human contact. Just producing one liter of puppies after another until their body gives out, they die, or they are lucky enough to be rescued.

The writer of this post and others with NCVAW have gone into these facilities after they were busted by authorities.   We know first hand the hell puppy mills are for dogs.

Why do we have puppy mills in North Carolina? When 80% of North Carolina's citizens WANT puppy mill regulations and protections for the dogs?  

Senator Bill Rabon

Every puppy mill bill that's gotten anywhere near Raleigh has been killed by Bill.  In 2014 he promised he would write the best puppy mill bill.  It's been 5 years.  Where is the puppy mill bill, Bill?


Click HERE to go to our reference page for more information on puppy mills. 

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