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Senate Bill 482 defines "Dangerous Dogs" as "Any dog owned or harbored primarily OR IN PART for the purpose of dog fighting . . ."

We are in agreement that dangerous dogs should be dealt with, but we also know that the dogs confiscated from Michael Vick proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that these dogs are NOT inherently dangerous and this law could be interpreted to kill Pit Bull puppies seized from puppy mills that participate in dog fighting.

Yes, some of Vick's dogs were past saving and had to be euthanized, but the majority WERE NOT and WERE SAVED.  This law must be more specific.

CONTACT YOUR LEGISLATOR AND ALL LEGISLATORS AND ASK THEM TO MAKE THIS LAW MORE SPECIFIC! Just as they do not include hunting dogs in this law, have them exclude breeding dogs and puppies, non-fighting dogs, even if they are a breed that is profiled as dangerous.  Require a temperament test.  All dogs are not alike just because they are the same breed!

Find your legislator HERE!