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NCVAW's MISSION is to work to pass common sense, comprehensive animal welfare legislation at the state and local levels.  In 2020, NCVAW will be focusing on key elections, endorsing candidates, supplementing campaigns for candidates and campaigning on issues aw well.

In 2021, we will have the drafts of bills and supporting research ready for sponsorship by humane legislators and hopefully will have more humane legislators in office than we currently have.  Legislators that are willing to do what the citizens of North Carolina want them to do – not what the special interest campaign contributors want.

NC PUPPY LEMON LAW  -  STATUS:  Needs Sponsorship


There are currently 22 states that have lemon laws that provide legal recourse to people who purchase animals from pet dealers, later found to have a disease or defect. The following chart lists key provisions of these so-called "lemon laws."


The amount of time that a purchaser has to make a claim ranges anywhere from 7 to 21 days for illness and disease and 10 days to 2 years for congenital or hereditary conditions.Common remedies include replacement of the animal, a refund of the purchase price, and/or reimbursement of veterinary expenses, generally up to the purchase price of the animal.


The puppy lemon law was named to breed familiarity with the type of law to protect consumers.  However, it also protects the breeding dogs and cats and the puppies and kittens by placing penalities on breeders for not taking care of their breeders and puppies.  



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