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"How can I help?"


There are many ways that you can take action to help give animals a voice in Raleigh and ultimately change the laws to better protect them.

1.  Contact and get to know your legislators.  Click HERE to find your state legislator. Use email, snail mail, or the telephone. 

2.  Join the NCVAW e-mail list to stay informed.  Just sign up on the CONTACT page.

3.  Write a letter to the editor of your local paper or any paper in your area.

4.  Volunteer to table at local events for NCVAW.  We will send you all the supplies you need.

5.  VOTE and get all of your friends to VOTE! Your vote can make a difference for companion animals.  We need to elect leaders with the courage of their convictions to bring animal votes to the floor and want to remind everyone the importance of not only voting, but electing true leaders for the animal vote.  Please be sure that you are registered to vote in North Carolina, and vote in every single election so that we "Give Animals A Voice In Raleigh!"

6.  Join NCVAW.  In order to be a stronger voice for animals, it is time for the animal vote to not only flex its political muscle by volunteer foot soldiers, but by also financially supporting NCVAW so that we can help campaign for candidates who are leaders in the fight to pass stronger bills to protect animals.  Click HERE to sign up!


By making a contribution to the all-volunteer North Carolina Voters for Animal Welfare S-PAC, you will be joining with a team of other dedicated individuals combining their financial resources into a single impact fund to support animal friendly candidates - and to launch opposition campaigns against those who are not animal friendly.  


People who oppose us contribute to the organizations that fight animal welfare laws and puppy mill bills. We need your help to be able to fight back!  Click HERE to contribute!!

7.  ORGANIZE a local group of volunteers to work together to table, hand out flyers, organize meetings to get more volunteers, contact local businesses for support, etc.  This is a great way to meet like-minded advocates and raise local awareness regarding the importance of the animal vote! Host your local legislators to speak to your group!  Work to make changes in your local laws - we will help!

8.  Recruit others to take action! There are hundreds of thousands of individuals who believe that treating animals inhumanely is wrong and they are willing to support bills to end cruelty to animals.  If we join together, we can overcome the opposition of extremist organizations that constantly urge legislators to continue to allow cruel acts against animals in North Carolina, such as protecting puppy mills and refusing to sponsor animal welfare bills to protect companion animals.

9.  Be a living, breathing advertisement for NCVAW.  Wear our pins and t-shirts, volunteer to carry our flyers and hand them out to all the folks out walking their dogs, or people at the dog parks, etc.  You would be amazed at how much attention that brings to NCVAW!  


10. SHARE NCVAW ALL OVER SOCIAL MEDIA!  Repost our posts on your FB page and ask all of your friends to help you spread the word about the political action to improve the lives of animals!