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NCVAW is a political action committee.  We work to create a voting BLOC in order to have political influence over politicians.  Politicians make the laws that affect animal welfare.  There is no better way to change the lives of animals than through changing the laws. A voting BLOC is a group of registered voters that are strongly motivated by specific issues, who vote together in elections to swing the election for the issues they care about.  It doesn't take many votes to swing a local or state election.


By your registering here, we will be able to count how many voters we have in our BLOC and where they are from, so we will have an accurate count as to how many swing votes we have in each city, county, and voting district.


This number is used when we talk to politicians, to persuade them to vote pro-animal welfare.



NCVAW is NON-PARTISAN.  We register as uncommitted to any party so that we can vote in any primary or election.


Your registration is PRIVATE.  We are committed to protecting your personal information and it will never be shared with any 3rd party or any others outside the administration staff of NCVAW.






NCVAW is non-partisan.  We vote for the candidate that will support animal welfare, NOT A PARTY.


NCVAW is also a no-drama organization.  Egos must be left at the door.  It's all about the animals!