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NCVAW's Position on Dog Breeding and the AKC

First of all - NCVAW is NOT ANTI-BREEDER.

That is one of the lies told about animal welfare advocates in order to turn those who love purebred dogs against us and to work against us.  The AKC even claims that in some of their publications on how to "deal" with us.


We are also NOT anti-dog ownership.  Our director has 5 dogs, all rescues, including 2 purebred dogs, and all of our board members and volunteers have pets. We cannot imagine life without at least one pet in our lives.


We cannot speak for every animal welfare advocacy or activist group, but as for NCVAW, we are pro-responsible breeders who love and care for their breeding animals as well as the puppies, who give them humane living conditions consisting of human contact, exercise, healthy food, clean water, safe comfortable cages, and the vetting of potential buyers to make sure the dogs go to healthy, humane, loving homes.

What we are against, are the illegal, unregistered, uninspected puppy mills who breed dogs as fast as possible in order to make the most profit possible.  We are against those that have absolutely no compassion or concern as to the health, living conditions, mental health status, nutrition, or comfort of the dogs that are used to breed or the puppies produced.  We are against the breeders who allow their dogs to live in tiny cages for their entire lives, some without protection from heat or cold or even rain, who allow the dogs to sleep on top of their own excrement, to give birth in their own excrement, who do not give adequate care to their breeding dogs or puppies, never bathe or groom them, cut their nails, check their teeth, who do not provide healthy food or clean water on a regular basis, who do not exercise their dogs or give them any human contact whatsoever.  Who breed the female dogs every cycle, wearing their bodies out and causing serious health issues. Those that house dogs like chickens in a coop and remove the puppies, as if they were eggs, at 8 weeks, then starting the entire process over again.  That is who we are against. The "purebred breeders" who dilute the purebred qualities of the dogs, who inbreed to enhance physical characteristics to the point of exacerbating debilitating health or physical conditions of the dogs, and who make the term "purebred" a joke. 

The AKC has been a long-respected organization around the world, and has had one of the highest standards for purebred breeders since the 1800's. However, for reasons not understood by NCVAW or most animal welfare advocates and organizations, the AKC has made the decision to turn a blind eye to illegal, uninspected, unregistered dog breeding facilities in the U.S. and around the world.

The AKC has had outstanding requirements for their breeders, as indicated in the documents linked below.  Do they still meet these standards?  Does the AKC still require this?  AKC registered kennels are said to be inspected regularly.  Are they? So if everything is actually conducted as their guidelines require, why would the AKC have a problem with their requirements being the same requirements for ALL dog breeding facilities – AKC or non-AKC, in order to protect innocent dogs from neglect and cruelty?  


Why does the AKC want to allow these breeders, with their counterfeit "purebred" dogs, to take away profits from reputable AKC breeders? To the point that they spend a lot of money every year, lobbying legislators to kill any animal welfare/puppy mill bill that is presented?

These illegal, unregistered dog breeders continue to thrive and make profits while they abuse, neglect, and destroy purebred breeds. Dogs professed to be AKC registered are sold at flea markets, on Craig's List and on roadsides out of vehicles, like vegetables. Some of these breeders present registrations from other purebred organizations who do not have the same exacting standards that the AKC used to have.  Some of these breeders are factory dog farmers, selling their puppies to wholesale puppy distributors,  like the Hunte Corporation in Missouri, who in turn sell the puppies to pet stores.  

The AKC has the power to put an end to puppy mills all over America.  Yes.  They do.  Let me write that again to be clear.


All they have to do is support legislation to shut down abusive, inhumane, unregistered and uninspected puppy breeding facilities in America. They could submit their OWN legislation, based on what used to be their OWN breeding standards.


To enforce high standards for their own breeders and protect the breeds, they can help shut down the illegal breeders, making their purebred puppies even more valuable.  It would help to eliminate the catastrophic production of dogs in this country that end up thrown away due to health conditions and behavioral issues caused by these puppy mills, and the number of dogs abandoned, abused, and killed in shelters every year.  

Purebred dogs DO end up in shelters and ARE euthanized.  There are purebred, breed-specific rescues all over the U.S.,but they cannot keep up with the unwanted dogs.  Something has to be done to stop the overbreeding of dogs that end up in our shelters to be killed every year.

The AKC could support mandatory spay and neuter laws for all non-registered breeding dogs.  State or local communities could waiver the mandatory spay or neuter on a case by case basis, and it would prevent the epidemic of dogs that are not spayed or neutered from breeding indiscriminately. 

Imagine a world without stray dogs, without puppies being dumped on the side of road or dumped in trash cans or worse.  A world without shelters overflowing with unwanted dogs awaiting euthanization.

The AKC can stop this. But instead, they continue to support the production of sub-standard “purebreds” coming out of cruel puppy mills, by publicly fighting those of us who are simply trying to help the animals suffering in puppy mills.


Of course we will not remain silent.

This is the publication by the AKC as to their breeding standards.  Why can't this be the requirements for ALL breeders?

The AKC Guide to Successful Puppy Breeding