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North Carolina General Statute § 113-291.13 allows Opossums to be abused for five days surrounding the New Year, so that a possum can be captured and "dropped" at the "possum drop in Anderew's, NC.  "No State of local statutes, rules, regulations, or ordinances related to the capture, captivity, treatment, or release of wildlife shall apply to the Virginia Opossum between the dates of December 29th and January 2nd of each subsequent Year."

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REPEAL "The Possum Drop" Law

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Archie was tethered so long that his collar embedded into his neck, causing a horrific infection.

STOP abusive tethering in North Carolina!  Limit time to be tethered, lengthen the tether, protect from obstructions, and provide decent shelter and food and water in bowls that will not turn over.

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ENACT Tethering Restrictions

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It is time to demand humane conditions for breeding facilities and outlawing illegal, cruel puppy mills.

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ENACT Minimum puppy breeding standards

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