Veterinarians against Puppy Mills

Is YOUR veterinarian against puppy mills?

The assumption would be yes. These are professionals that have been educated and trained to diagnose and treat diseases and injuries in animals. Of all people, they would know the impact of unscrupulous breeder operations that provide no veterinarian care for their animals.American Veterinary Medical Association has revised the oath taken by graduates of U.S. veterinary schools to stress the importance of animal welfare as well as animal health. Puppy mills do not protect the health or the welfare of dogs.Veterinarians are pillars in the animal welfare community and we need their endorsements of the Commercial Breeder bill to make state legislators understand that we need a law to protect dogs in large scale breeder options.


Email this form or fax this form to your veterinarian asking their endorsement of a law to protect dogs in puppy mills.

Don’t know your Vet’s email or fax number? Find it here.