Meet Susie

Help her to end animal abuse in N.C. by supporting “Susie’s Law”.

In August 2009, a puppy was set on fire and left to die. Luckily, this small puppy was found in a local Greensboro park nearly 2 weeks after the incident. Although near death with second and third-degree burns on over 60 percent of her body, a broken jaw and teeth, and covered in over 300 maggots, this small puppy had a will to survive. “Susie” recovered thanks to the the Guilford County Animal Shelter and soon captured the hearts of people all over the country. Susie is now living a happy, full life with her adopted mommy, Donna Lawrence. Together, Donna and Susie are spreading a message of hope, faith and forgiveness.

Shocked by the outcome of the hearing, concerned citizens of the community began asking what they could do to make the laws tougher. Soon, a letter to our legislators was drafted and countless letters and emails began pouring into our State Representatives office. Several representatives responded immediately, including Representative Pricey Harrison and Representative Maggie Jeffus, along with Senator Don Vaughn. In fact, Senator Vaughn wants to take this a step further. He wants there to be a new law, “Susie’s Law,” that would mean tougher sentencing for those convicted of animal abuse. These concerned citizens of North Carolina want Cruelty to Animals to be reclassified as a Class F felony, instead of a Class I felony, in which Whitehead could have received an active prison sentence. Unfortunately, Burning of Personal Property is a Class H felony which carries an active prison sentence. So Whitehead could have burned a couch and received tougher penalties than burning and torturing Susie.

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