Click below for NCVAW logo products from Cafe Press. * Scroll down further on this page to buy NCVAW T-shirts that are for those individuals who really like to express their dog’s feelings. They are very opinionated, and will not appeal to all, but they send a cheeky message to others who may not know that we have all been trying to pass better laws for animals in NC for many years. If wearing one of these shirts sparks up a conversation, you may be able to educate the person about the need for better animal welfare laws in NC, also letting them know that many of our legislators are not listening to the people that vote them into office. It is time for them to listen and pass better laws for the animals in our state!




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Dog’s Opinion of the NC Legislature

Have you been frustrated with NC Legislature lately? Well the animals in NC are too! This dog let’s them know exactly what he thinks. $15 – $20

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Hey, NC… Pass a @&#* Puppy Mill Bill

How many years have animal advocates been asking for a simple Puppy Mill bill? Is asking breeders to provide their dogs adequate food, water, shelter and living conditions really too much to ask? It’s past time.   $15 – $20

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