Other NC Animal Groups


AniMall Pet Adoption & Outreach Center

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

Coalition to Unchain Dogs

Humane Carolina

NC Animal Federation

NC Animal Laws

People and Paws 4 Hope

SNAP-NC-Spay/Neuter program of N.C.

Safe Harbor Farm


Other State Animal Welfare Groups in the U.S.


Alabama Voters for Responsible Animal Legislation

Connecticut Votes for Animals

Colorado Voters for Animals

Delaware Action for Animals

Iowa Voters for Companion Animals

Maine Animal Coalition

Maryland Votes for Animals

Massachusetts SPCA

Minnesota Voters for Animal Protection

Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation

Nevada Voters for Animals

New Hampshire Animal Rights League

New Mexico Animal Protection Voters

Rhode Island Defenders of Animals

South Carolina Voters for Animal Welfare

TN Voters for Animal Protection

Texas Humane Legislation Network

The League of Humane Voters

WV Voters for Animal Welfare

Wisconsin Alliance for Animals



National Animal Groups


Animal Welfare Institute

Humane USA

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals

Humane Society of the United States

Animal Legal Defense Fund

International Organization for Animal Protection

Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting


Alley Cat Allies

Hearts United for Animals

Oh Mi Dog!