“I” stand against Puppy Mills

Make a powerful statement to your state representatives without having to drive to the Capital!
Do you want to tell your state legislators “face-to-face” that you support legislation to stop puppy mills?
Now is your chance! Video record your message to your House Representative and Senator and upload it to our site in the form below. Then, we will compile all the videos we receive from constituents in your district and send those videos to your state representatives!
* Some special videos will be shown on the NCVAW website and Facebook page!

Record a video of yourself talking to your state representatives about your support for a commercial breeder bill that will stop puppy mills in our state.

Here is a sample script

“House representative John Doe and Senator Jane Doe. My name is Paula and I stand against puppy mills. As your constituent I ask that you vote for a Commercial Breeder Bill in 2013.”

*Don’t know who your state representatives are? Click here to find them by your Zip Code.

Upload your video to our website.

*Be sure to click the “Send Now” button after the upload is complete.