About Us

North Carolina Voters for Animal Welfare is a state-wide political action committee (PAC) dedicated to improving the care and treatment of all animals by electing legislators that will pass laws to protect animals.North Carolina Voters for Animal Welfare (NCVAW) has advocated since 2004 for pro-animal policies. In order to pass strong laws that protect North Carolina’s animals, it is critical to engage in the electoral process as a non-partisan organization. As animal issues are non-partisan, so is NCVAW.

North Carolina Voters for Animal Welfare plays an active role in the political process by lobbying to elect legislative candidates, who like you, want a humane state.  The most important decisions made about animals are made by our elected officials at the state and local level. Our goal is to elect a pro-animal majority to the North Carolina Legislature and other state offices.

All funds that NCVAW contributes to a legislator’s campaign come directly from the funds given to our PAC – from individuals just like yourself. Please donate today.