“12 Acts of Kindess” campaign starts December 1st!

Let’s do something special for our community shelters for the holidays!

Beginning December 1st the NC Shelter Project (HSUS, NCVAW and Susie’s Law) will implement the 12 Acts of Kindness Program. The program involves animal advocates or rescue groups doing 12 kind things for animal shelters (staff and animals). Please send pictures and descriptions of your acts of kindness and we will post them on HSUS NC, Susie’s Law, and NCVAW Facebook pages. The goal of the program is not only to make the holiday season special for our shelters but to also start trend that may last throughout the year!

Here are some ideas for acts of kindness:

• Bring a gift of snacks to shelter staff cookies, cupcakes, chocolate, coffee, etc.
• Make or purchase toys for cats
• Make or purchase toys for dogs
• Have a supply/bedding drive within the community
• Run an errand for a shelter staff member
• Write a positive letter to the editor about the shelter
• Highlight a shelter staff member on your Facebook page and ask your friends to share it
• Purchase a holiday card for the shelter and have all the members of your rescue sign it with a personal message to staff

Please remember that a simple act of kindness can change or save a life. Email us and tell us about your act of kindness!